How to Enter!

Vote for your favourite dog

Each dog is connected to one of the 5 rescue centres. The rescue centre with the most votes, receives a higher percentage of the raised funds.

DoggyLottery Ticket
Buy your tickets!

Once you have selected an answer, enter the number of entries you would like for this draw and proceed to purchase your tickets. £1.50 per ticket. More entries = a higher chance of winning and more money raised for the rescue centres!

Sit back and wait for the results

Once your purchase has been successful, you will receive an email confirming your entry into the draw. Read our complete Rules and Regulations.

Every week there are 20 guaranteed winners!

The draw takes place every Saturday at 8pm. If you win, we will contact you. So there is no need to claim your prize.

The following prizes are up for grabs:

  • 1st prize – 50% of prize fund (one winner)
  • 2nd prize – 25% of prize fund (divided between 4 winners)
  • 3rd prize – 25% of prize fund (divided between 15 people)

Please note that players must be 18 or over and located in the UK.

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Why play DoggyLottery?

We always knew there were lots of dog charities in the UK but only until we started searching for them on the internet, did we discover how many hundreds of centres there are spread across the country. The incomplete list contains over 800+ centres. This really is alarming especially as most of these centres are run by volunteers and are struggling to survive. We want to help keep these centres running and we hope you do too!

By playing our fun online lottery type game, you help raise funds and at the same time give these centres valuable digital exposure. A massive 60% of all funds raised is donated to 5 different centres every 4 weeks.

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This week’s dogs in need

These dogs are the stars of the week and are connected to the 5 participating rescue centres. You can vote for them when playing our game and help their charity receive a bigger share of the raised funds!


Walk This
Way Rescue

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Animals In Need

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Forgotten Paws

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Barking Mad
Dog Rescue

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Dog Rescue

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