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This is where you can vote for 1 of the Rescue Centres listed below! The 4 Rescue Centres with the most votes get to participate in our next 4 weekly games sharing 60% of the raised funds!

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VOTING is CLOSED and will reopen with a new list of Rescue Centres shortly.
Total Votes : 3452

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Why wait for your favourite Rescue Centre to be part of DoggyLottery when you can start helping Dog Rescue Centres in need today!
Enter now for just £1.50 and 60% will go to Centres that are all struggling to survive. Who knows, you might even end up being one of our 20 guaranteed weekly winners sharing the Prize Fund consisting of 30% of all money raised.

Has your favourite Dog Rescue Centre not participated in DoggyLottery yet and is it not listed on The Doggy X-factor list above? Then go to the Suggest a Charity page. Fill in the form and we will do the necessary checks to get your charity on the list!

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