There are hundreds of dog rescue centres in the UK and they need YOUR help!

From just £1.50 a week, you can raise money for a great cause and have a chance of being one of our 20 guaranteed weekly winners sharing 30% of the prize fund.

A whopping 60% goes to Rescue Centres!

That is more than twice the amount that leading lottery companies donate to charitable causes! 

Every 4 weeks, 60% of the total raised funds will be divided between 5 different dog rescue centres. How the funds get divided, depends on you!

When entering our lottery, you will be asked to vote for your favourite dog. Each dog is connected to one of the 5 rescue centres. At the end of the 4 weeks, the centre with the most votes, receives the majority share!

View the Current
Dog Rescue Centres!

This week’s dogs in need

These dogs are sadly all looking for a home and are connected to the 5 participating rescue centres. You can vote for them when playing our game and help their charity receive a bigger share of the raised funds!


Edinburgh Dog
and Cat Home

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Animal Sanctuary

Read more


Border Collie
Trust GB

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Animal Welfare

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8 Below
Husky Rescue

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Total raised for Rescue Centres 

The lives of thousands of dogs in the UK depend on the survival of dog rescue centres and we are determined to help make a difference!

Lee Brown & Lisette van RielThe Founders, DoggyLottery
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The Current Dog Rescue Centres!

From the 14th of November until the 11th of December,
DoggyLottery will be supporting the following
rescue centres across the UK:

  • Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home
  • Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary
  • Border Collie Trust GB
  • Warrington Animal Welfare
  • 8 Below Husky Rescue

Will you help raise as much money
as we can for these amazing charities
by playing our game?

Just £1.50 per ticket

How to Play

All you need to do to play the game is:
1. Pick your favourite dog (rescue centre)
2. Purchase your ticket!

Why Play

Playing means you are helping
rescue centres across the UK to survive!
And at the same time you are in
with a chance of a share of 30%
of the raised funds!

Tickets only £1.50

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