So far we’ve raised £117,730.30 for
dog charities in need

So far we’ve raised £117,730.30 for dog charities in need

The Current Charities

From the 27th of April until the 24th of May, we will be raising money for the following dog charities.

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Raising money for

Wild At Heart Foundation

Lalo and his siblings

Nikki Tibbles founded Wild at Heart Foundation in 2015 with one ambition: to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population. We are dedicated to working closely with our global project partners to facilitate sterilisation, education and welfare programmes to achieve this goal.

75% of the global dog population do not have an owner to care for them. Wild at Heart Foundation wants to end the suffering and improve the wellbeing of vulnerable stray dogs across the world; to make real and lasting change and to help abandoned and unloved dogs receive the care they deserve.

Wild at Heart Foundation believe that each and every dog deserves the chance to live a healthy, happy life, free from the threat of pain, suffering, cruelty or neglect. We champion compassion and collaboration; we believe that there is a power in kindness and community, and that by working together towards a common goal, we can help make the world a better, kinder place.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

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Raising money for

Saints Sled Dog Rescue

Diesel & Nellie’s Vet Fees + Care

Saints Sled Dog Rescue was created back in 2013 when a little girl Athena, the three legged Siberian Husky couldn't find a rescue placement due to needing medical treatment. Foster Mum, Heather Saville took her into her care raising £800 in just a few short hours covering costs of her leg amputation and after care!!

From that moment Heather KNEW she had to do something different and she founded SSDR - who rescue sled dog breeds NO MATTER WHAT!

We are a registered, nationwide charity run by experienced staff who aim to help as many unwanted, neglected or stray Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes through the process of fostering, rehabilitating and re-homing, or simply by supporting their owners with help and advice. The team work alongside other rescue organisations, dog pounds and dog wardens to help ensure that all sled dogs are re-homed in the BEST possible environment which suits each dogs needs.

At present, many of these dogs have been purchased or bred by people who have little understanding of the needs or these wonderful breeds. Whilst some of the dogs who come into our care do so for genuine reasons, the majority come from puppy farms, back yard breeders and uninformed owners who lack knowledge BEFORE purchasing on of these dogs. Through our educational visits and working demonstrations we hope to improve the future for these dogs, whilst we try to help the ones who need us now through re-homing and one-to-one support.

As well as rescuing sled dogs in the UK, our goal is to continually educate novice owners, breed admirers, supporters and the general public in the UK to help build a better understanding of these incredible breeds. We do this through our social media platforms, our website, through educational visits and one-to-one - including participating in public working and handling demonstrations.

At Saints Sled Dog Rescue, we pride ourselves in ALWAYS putting a dogs life first ensuring we never turn a dog away and giving ALL dogs a chance at a new life regardless of their age, health or behavioural difficulties. We offer every dog rescue backup for life which means they can come back to us any time in the future and 24-hour support for sled dog owners, fosterers and adopters.

All dogs that come into SSDR are neutered, vaccinated, assessed and medically cleared BEFORE leaving for their forever homes. We do take in dogs with special behavioural needs which means that we have to ensure that all homes are assessed correctly to match a home to the DOGS needs.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

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Raising money for

Friends Of Akitas Trust

Emergency Kennel Costs

Friends of Akitas Trust (UK) was born in 2007 when it became apparent that a number of Akitas every week were ending up in the council pounds with only seven days to find a home before destruction.

Our aim is to get as many of these Akitas as possible into ’safe’ kennels and ultimately into new forever homes. In addition to helping stray dogs we also assist Akitas whose owners can no longer keep them for a variety of reasons. We rescue and rehome any Akita which needs it, through assessing both the dog and potential owners to ensure a well-matched and long lasting, happy relationship. We take in Akitas of all ages, the young, the elderly and everyone in between, we also take in Akitas that are ill and need veterinary attention.

We are a completely voluntary Charity with a voluntary management team to oversee the day to day running of the rescue and we are supported by a fabulous team of nationwide volunteers who we would be lost without. Together we have saved countless Akitas and sadly there will be many more that we are still to meet.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Raising money for

Monarch's Mutts

Sushi’s Vet Fees & Care

The founders of Monarch's Mutts father (Trevor Antill) wrote the public footpath The Monarch's Way along with many other walking books, hence this dog rescue's name and royal themes. Trevor could often be seen rambling along the countryside many years ago, throughout Britain with the family's first rescue dog, a ginger cross breed called Skipper from Birmingham Dogs Home.

Trevor fought for the freedom to roam and to keep public footpaths clear and open for everyone to enjoy this green and pleasant land.

Monarch's Mutts dog rescue is based in Halesowen and covers the West Midlands, helping as many dogs in need as possible. We are working towards charity status and are planning on walking the entire Monarch's Way with our rescue dogs to raise much needed funds, with the ultimate, long term goal to acquire land and kennels along the monarch's way. This will become a sanctuary for forgotten dogs and walkers who wish to stop for a cup of tea, cake and dog cuddles.

We take needy dogs into our rescue and give them care, love, medical attention they need. We will help out any breed, age or health needs and our dogs come direct from owners, stray pounds, veterinary surgeries and via other rescue.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

How do the charities win and what can they win?

For 4 weeks, the same 4 dog charities are involved and will all receive a percentage of the charity fund. Each dog charity however has a chance of winning a higher percentage by receiving votes from the players of our online lottery.

Each dog charity gets to highlight their star of the round. When entering our lottery, subscribers are asked to vote for their favourite dog. At the end of the 4 weeks, the charity that received the most votes, wins the top prize. Check out our previous winners

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