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Winners Round 5 (14 November to 11 December 2020)

Total of 4 weeks sharing a charity fund of £1,734.54


Edinburgh Dog
and Cat Home


Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has been a safe haven to stray animals since 1883, and still rescues over a thousand lost or abandoned dogs and cats every year. We provide a vital service to the community by trying, wherever possible, to reunite owners with their missing animals. But there are times when owners cannot be found or are unable to cope – that’s when our re-homing programme comes in, when we find new homes for unwanted dogs and cats.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Border Collie Trust GB_small

Border Collie
Trust GB


Border Collie Trust G.B. Situated at Colton, Nr Rugeley rescuing and re-homing Border Collies throughout the UK. Prior to re-homing all dogs are wormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped and leave us with a lot of advice and information and the promise to take our dogs back at any time.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary_small

Animal Sanctuary


Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is one of the largest of its kind in the North West of England. Stretching over a 55-acre site in Edenfield near Ramsbottom, Lancashire. Bleakholt is under constant development so as to be able to provide the very best possible care for over 350 animals currently with us. We currently find loving homes for over one thousand three hundred animals each year.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

logo_Warrington Animal Welfare_small

Animal Welfare


Warrington Animal Welfare (WAW) in Cheshire was established in 1983 to promote responsible pet ownership and neutering.

WAW offers low cost neutering for pet owners on low income or benefits in a bid to reduce the amount of stray, abandoned and unwanted pets in Warrington and the surrounding areas. From their rescue centre WAW rescues and rehomes cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, averaging 600+ adoptions each year.

WAW is also involved in community campaigns relating to promoting responsible pet ownership, neutering, microchipping and supporting feral cat colonies.The charity is solely funded by kind donations and fundraising.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

logo_8 Below Husky Rescue_small

8 Below
Husky Rescue


8 Below Husky Rescue are a registered charity who specialise in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming northern breed dogs throughout the mainland UK.

All of the dogs who come into our care are fully assessed on arrival, they are all neutered (age/health permitting) microchipped, flea and wormed and are only rehomed when they are ready, into a suitable environment for that specific dog. We offer full rescue back up for life for all dogs, this gives the owners peace of mind that if for any reason they require help, we will be on hand to help.

Our team is made up of volunteers who dedicate their time to help raise awareness of the northern breeds along with helping fundraise at our many events throughout the year.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Winners Round 4 (17 October to 13 November 2020)

Total of 4 weeks sharing a charity fund of £1,418.70


Geordie Bullies
Springboard Rescue


Geordie Bullies Springboard Rescue UK was formed in 2016 by Helen Seymour and Clair Knox.
As English Bulldog owners they could not stand by and see the way these iconic dogs were being used and abused for breeding and then discarded without a care for their wellbeing. So they created GBSR UK with the mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldogs throughout the UK

All dogs are home fostered, and given the medical treatments required before rehoming to fully qualified homes with Rescue Back-up for life.
GBSR UK is run by volunteers and 100% of monies raised goes towards the dogs in their care.


Barn Sanctuary


At Lizzie’s Barn we have a specially converted barn, which we use in preference to kennels, surrounded by 10 acres for exercise. Some of our dogs will stay with us forever due to old age or ill-health. We provide them with comfort, company and security for the rest of their lives. Some will be found homes as and when they are ready.

Much of our work is with abandoned abused and neglected dogs, and with puppies rejected by other organisations. The sanctuary is able to offer them the rich social experience, mixing with people and other dogs which is essential for their development. We find homes both locally and in other parts of the UK as this enables us to increase the number we can help. However to do this we need increased support. To ensure our dogs go to loving owners, all new homes must be vetted and/or references may also be required.

We are a small, family-run rescue without any paid staff, providing safety and sanctuary to dogs who have been to hell and back, having strangers around is stressful and unsettling for them, so we are unable to invite visitors to the sanctuary prior to vetting & without an appointment.

All of our dogs for adoption will have been neutered if old enough, and deemed fit enough, by our vet and come with four weeks free insurance cover. We ask for a set donation on adoption towards our many costs which enables us to continue our work and to help other dogs. Full lifetime support and back up is provided for every dog. They must be returned to Lizzie’s Barn at any time should the new owner be unable to care for them, and an undertaking by the owner to do so forms part of our adoption agreement.

Logo_Wild Acre Rescue_small

Wild Acre


Wild Acre Rescue is fortunate to have volunteers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning over 30 years, in dealing with domestic pets. This has proved very beneficial and successful.

Our objectives are to promote the welfare of ill-treated, abandoned and homeless animals in the area. To also provide advice, support and education to the general public in all matters concerning the welfare of domestic pets. Our aim is to take domestic animals into care and restore their faith in human nature so that they are ready to move on to new homes.

We deal with health and behavioural problems as far as is possible, using our experience for both cats and dogs which, over the years, has proved very successful. Sometimes it just takes care, understanding, and a little time.

We look to place them with families who understand their individual needs. This is in the hope that a “FOREVER HOME” is found for every animal passing through our hands.


Lincs Dobermann


Lincs Dobermann Rescue founded by Paula de Vries, became an official charity in 2017. Although Lincolnshire based, we travel the length and breadth of the UK to help Dobies and families in need.

We are a non-profit organisation, all our team donate time and effort to ensure that no Dobie is left in need and that they all have a successful rescue and rehoming journey.

We rely on the support and generosity of our members to raise the funds we need to provide veterinary support to our Lincs dogs to ensure that when our Dobie is rehomed, they are in good health and that their rehoming journey is as stress free as possible.

We have a saying, “once a Lincs dog, always a Lincs dog”. It is so important for the dog and the new owner that they have the knowledge and confidence that rescue back up is there for them if they need it. This really underpins the values of Lincs Dobermann Rescue




Greenacres is a small, non-profit, animal rescue centre in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside. Founded in June 2008, when the need for our effort was recognised. Twelve years on we are now the only all animal rescue centre in Pembrokeshire. We try our very best to help any animal in need and although Pembrokeshire based we work throughout the UK.

Greenacres Rescue believes that every animal deserves a second chance, and with your support, we can hopefully give them just that.

Winners Round 3 (19 September to 16 October 2020)

Total of 4 weeks sharing a charity fund of £1,520.10


The Edward


The Edward Foundation - Nationwide Breed Rescue for English Bulldogs - was founded in 2011 & became a registered charity in 2013. It is run purely on a volunteer basis and uses foster homes only. To date over 1500 bulldogs have been helped, mainly from the UK via dogs in poor health on the internet, individuals who can no longer keep their dogs or those abandoned by owners and find themselves unclaimed in the pound. We have also saved bulldogs from the meat trade in China, helped bulldogs from puppy farms in Hungary & via rescues in Europe - if a bulldog is in dire need we will endeavour to help if possible. EF is run purely on public donation and volunteers fundraising. All our dogs adopted get Rescue Backup for Life.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.


Phoenix French
Bulldog Rescue


Phoenix was established at the end of the end of 2016 and set loose on the unsuspecting on-line General Public on January 8th 2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - our team is UK wide. Charity status was awarded on 8th March 2017. We operate using various social media platforms and have no ‘base’. All our dogs are placed into pre-assessed, loving and knowledgeable foster homes, no kennels, ever. Dogs stay in foster-care for a minimum of 2 weeks, maybe much longer if they need to be mended physically or behaviourally – this is why our vet fees are around 3K-7K per month.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Holly Hedge_small

Holly Hedge
Animal Sanctuary


Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary provides a lifeline for around 800 pets every year.

Established in 1992, we serve the population of Bristol, taking care of unwanted cats and dogs and help to rescue animals at risk of being euthanised in pounds throughout the UK. We have an open-door policy, meaning we don't discriminate against age, health or behavioural issues, and are a last chance for many animals. At any one time we have 150 dogs, cats, kittens and puppies in our care, and there is no time limit on an animal’s stay with us.

It is our mission to turn every sad story into a positive one, and give every animal in our care a second chance at happiness and their forever home.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.


Bulldog Rescue


We are a registered charity, run by friendly and dedicated volunteers. The group was set up in response to seeing the inhumane treatment of some French Bulldogs. Some of these poor dogs are currently living in horrible conditions, left outside, cold, abused and often denied veterinary care. in the 3 years we have been operating we have helped almost 400 dogs and seeing the increase in health conditions we also aim to educate people.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.


South East
Dog Rescue


Founded in 2009, SEDR is a true 'no-kill' rescue and rehoming centre based in Maidstone, Kent.

Across the UK, primarily helping 'death row' dogs in council pounds who would be otherwise euthanised. We help the general public re-home their dogs when their circumstances change. We have gained a reputation for, and regularly help, some of the most abused, starved and neglected welfare cases in the UK.

Our Mission
Providing a second chance to abandoned, neglected and unwanted dogs, finding them loving, furever homes. Some we receive cannot cope in a 'traditional' home environment therefore given sanctuary at the centre for the remainder of their lives.

What we do
Run entirely by volunteers, SEDR ensures that dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before placement. We provide rescue back up for the remainder of our dogs lives.

SEDR is a non-profit organisation and relies solely on donations and receives no government funding.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Winners Round 2 (22 August to 18 September 2020)

Total of 4 weeks sharing a charity fund of £939.30


St Giles
Animal Rescue


What we do is life-changing! St Giles Animal Rescue is responsible for taking and caring for 100% of the stray dogs over West Somerset, covering two council areas; Somerset West & Taunton and West Somerset. These dogs are brought to us by the dog warden and, if not reclaimed by their owners within the legal statutory time, we then re-home them on behalf of the councils. As well as the animals we take through these routes, we also care for many other rescue cats and dogs that come to us directly from families that are no longer able to care for them.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Lurcher SOS_small

Lurcher SOS
Sighthound Rescue


We are a small non-destruct rescue charity founded in March 2010. Our HQ is in Surrey and our dogs are in foster homes throughout the Home Counties and beyond. All our dogs are placed in warm and loving foster homes where they are carefully assessed and, if needed, rehabilitated.

By placing our dogs in foster homes, we can get a much better idea of their temperament and we can establish if they get along with other dogs as well as give them some basic training – something that a lot of them have never had before. All Lurcher SOS rescue dogs are neutered where possible and given full veterinary treatment, microchipped and vaccinated wormed and deflead before going to their new homes. We are happy to home thought England, Wales and Scotland.

We are a non-profit organization and receive no funding. We rely solely on donations from the public and are always in need of fundraising support to cover the cost of the care of our dogs. All funds go directly to caring for hounds as we have no paid staff - we are all volunteers who give our time and care willingly for free.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Foster to Forever_logo_small

From Foster
To Forever


My name is Mandy and I set up our Rescue Facebook page in 2017 after seeing how badly dogs were treated in Cyprus, Romania, Spain and other places. Originally set up to help rescues and potential adopters come together and I would help with fostering, homechecks, airport runs. However Pamela then joined me and we soon established being a rescue in our own right. We now reserve dogs from kill stations, abusive situations, neglected ones and get them to a safe place ready to travel to the UK. We try and help dogs from horrific situations, dogs that are overlooked, older dogs or disabled. EVERY LIFE IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. We pride ourselves on the personal touch. Always at the end of the phone 24/7. Full back up rescue. All our dogs that we rescue have a story to tell. So we tell it. We are their voice....

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Hope Rescue_small



Since 2005 Hope Rescue has been saving the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs that, through no fault of their own, need a second chance. We commit to take all the stray dogs from six Local Authorities in South Wales - Merthyr Tydfil, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Bridgend and the western half of the Vale of Glamorgan - irrespective of their age, breed or medical condition. We also help owners in crisis who need to surrender their dogs, giving them peace of mind that their dogs will be rehomed responsibly.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Foal Farm_Highlight

Foal Farm
Animal Rescue


Our mission is to take in as many animals as we can properly care for, to restore them to health and happiness and where possible find them good new homes, or provide sanctuary for life.

Foal Farm animal rescue centre is a registered charity based at Biggin Hill in Kent. Its aim is to take in as many sick, distressed and unwanted animals as possible and restore them to health and happiness. The animals are kept on a 26 acre farm where they are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and given any other medical assistance necessary. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals are then placed in secure and loving vetted homes. Horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and geese spend their natural lives at Foal Farm. No healthy animal is ever destroyed, and if no home can be found, the animal becomes a resident for the rest of its life.

Foal Farm relies entirely on voluntary contributions, legacies and money made from fund raising events.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Winners Round 1 (25 July to 21 August 2020)

Total of 4 weeks sharing a charity fund of £580.35

DoggyLottery_K9 Crusaders_Logo

K9 Crusaders
Dog Welfare


K9 Crusaders is an independent dog rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation charity based in Cornwall. They rely solely on donations and their own fund-raising. They have a small, but dedicated, team that runs the kennels, fundraises, conducts behavioural support and offers advice on any aspect of dogs and their welfare.
K9 Crusaders accepts all dogs, including those who may have been rejected by other rescues as they have issues which make them difficult to rehome. They never put a healthy dog to sleep so dogs remain part of the K9 crew family until they are ready to move on to a new life.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Babbington Rescue_feature

Dog Rescue


Babbington Rescue was first established in 1993 to cater for stray and abandoned dogs. Since the rescue changed hands in 2003, over 10,000 dogs have come through the doors at the rescue needing help. Babbington is a non profit organisation, which means we must find and raise all monies needed for operations, vaccines, micro-chipping, heating, bedding, food, water rates and rehab work. Part of the way we do this is by running a boarding kennels and pet shop, where all profit goes straight to the rescue to help pay bills. All our staff are full qualified in Animal care to a minimum of level two and we have a qualified behaviourist on site. All our dogs leave neutered/speyed, micro-chipped and vaccinated.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

DoggyLottery_Balto and Co_Logo

Balto and Co
Dog Rescue


Balto and Co are a foster based, non-profit, no kill organisation dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, and foster/adoption of dogs – all sizes and breeds. The rescue is staffed by volunteers.

- We work with Pound dogs that are at risk, as well as dogs that owners can no longer care for.
- We aim to place dogs into suitable loving foster care and adopted homes. Those that can’t be rehabilitated enough to live in a home we provide sanctuary space for.
- We support owners of domestic abuse and those that are homeless with temporary foster for their dogs.
- We provide vaccinations, flea & worm treatments, microchips and spay/neutering. Medical care and rehabilitation as necessary.
- We work alongside other rescues and organisations to help more dogs
- We stay in contact with all fosterers and adopters offering daily support and behavioural needs.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

DoggyLottery_Fall in love with a rescue_logo

Fall In Love
With A Rescue


Since September 2013, Fall in Love with a Rescue has been rescuing and rehoming dogs saved from council pounds across the UK that would otherwise be destroyed.

Though we primarily rescue Sighthounds – such as Greyhounds, Whippets and Lurchers in general – we have been known to occasionally take on other breeds. Our dogs are fully neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, deflead and given a full health check before being adopted.

As a non-profit organistation, Fall in Love with a Rescue strongly rely on public donations to help save and care for our dogs. We are also currently developing our network of fosterers and volunteers, so that we can save even more dogs, and give them another chance at life.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

Logo_Moor View Rescue_feature



Moor-view Rescue is based in the Yorkshire Dales and is run as a small, independent rescue whose activities are funded solely by donations and fundraising. Since it was established in 2009 Moor-view has rehomed over 2000 dogs in the UK. Most of the dogs at Moor-view come from local pounds where stray or abandoned dogs are taken. Without a place in a rescue such as ours, many dogs are euthanised when their time in the pound is up.

For more details, use the links below to visit their website and social media channels.

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