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Charity: Balto and Co Dog Rescue

Frank is not your typical Balto dog, he's young, little and cute, which is not something we normally deal with. Frank came with an extensive bite history and recommendations to be PTS, which meant that he qualified to join the Balto team. Even as a rescue we had numerous calls to PTS, it's a good job we didn't agree with the haters as once he came under our care he was taken to the vets where it was discovered he had a very painful infection under that beautiful coat. Once this had been treated, he was no longer in pain and his fears/training needs were addressed. Frank went on to become a total cuddle monster and is living his best life with his adopters.

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Charity: Saints Sled Dog Rescue


Meet Koda, He is such a lovely boy. Koda is a Collie cross Malamute. He is 6 years old and has been in Saints Sled Dog Rescue’s care for 555 days. Koda is very happy in his foster home but he would LOVE to have a forever home of his own.

Koda came into Saints care after being in Council Kennels as a stray. The poor boy was found tied up to a lamp post abandoned by his owners. They contacted Saints and of course we said yes to helping him.

Sadly Koda has had no adoption applications in all this time. He does have some specific requests. A quiet home with no other dogs, cats or children would be perfect for him. Koda would give so much love in return, he is a big cuddly bear when he wants to be. Koda has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease whilst in our care. He also has a heart murmur, which was discovered when he went to the vets for some fatty lump removals.

He doesn’t let it stop him though, he loves to visit the secure offlead dog field, he enjoys playing fetch with his ball and taking his human on a walk.

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Charity: Border Collie Trust GB


Fin came to BCTGB from Wales in 2009; he was an unwanted farm dog that came without any history. It was apparent in those early days that he was easily stressed and wound up by traffic and built up areas. He was much more comfortable in the centre's paddock or the surrounding fields. Although worried about lots of different types of situations, Fin was very good with people and always enjoyed their company.

Fin was rehomed but unfortunately it didn’t work out for various reasons, it was clear he was going to struggle in a normal home environment, yet seemed happy with the routine of kennel life. He soon decided that he much preferred one particular kennel, making it very clear he didn't want another one!
The decision was made to make him a Sponsor Dog in 2012, and due to his friendly nature he quickly became a favourite amongst staff, volunteers, supporters and visitors to the centre. He enjoyed trips out with all his visitors but was always glad to come back "home". In 2019 after two years on medication for his ailments his quality of life became too poor. We believe he was about 18 years old.

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Charity: Hampshire Paws Animal Rescue


Vania was bought by her previous owner as a guard dog and kept on a short chain as a puppy with minimum human contact. Luckily for Vania a kind hearted lady rescued her and bought her to a shelter run by a vet called Andra. There it was determined that Vania had hip dysplasia on 1 side, so she had to have femeral head surgery. Vania took all of this in her stride, she is such a shy but loving girl who knew they wanted to help her.

She came to our rescue in October 2021 where she has received regular physiotherapy at the canine fitness centre. She loves physio and now Vania has recovered and shown to us how strong and determined she is! She has also now completed training classes and loves to impress us with what she can learn. Vania now enjoys life in rescue and is learning to trust more people and forget about her past. We hope she will find her forever home soon.

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Charity: Wonky Pets Rescue


Marble arrived acutely underweight with diarrhoea. He had a high temperature, was dehydrated but worst of all, part of his jaw had eroded through infection. His teeth and what was left of the gum were black, verging on green with infection and absolutely stank. He had been left to literally rot! He was admitted on a drip to help get him hydrated and lower his temperature and bloods were taken.

A few days later, he had a full set of x-rays, which showed that part of his jawbone was coming away along with the rotting gums and blackened teeth. He has also lost part of his tongue and the side of his mouth (jowel). Impossible to say exactly how he got the injury. Our vet feels it was either from chewing on a live electric cable or from something caustic, either way he was left to suffer for a long while.

He has had all of the affected teeth and the jaw removed, his adult teeth are still there waiting to bud so we are hopeful that as callous grows and fills the gap in his jaw his adult teeth may grow through successfully.

He had his ears flushed and cleaned and started on treatment for infection in both ears. He must feel SOOO much better already as he has arrived back in foster full of beans and running around playing with toys which he wasn't doing before. So onwards and upwards for this little man and hoping he goes from strength to strength.

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