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Charity: Saints Sled Dog Rescue

My name is Marley and I am a 3 year old Husky crossed with a German Shepherd.
I haven't had the easiest life, I was lucky enough to be saved by Saints Sled Dog Rescue, when they rescue a dog they care for that dog for life no matter what. Here is my story...

As a pup unfortunately I didn't have much training and I found myself in police kennels following a bite incident. I didn't and don't bite through aggression I have bitten due to fear. I am extremely collar shy and if someone grabs me by the collar I get very nervous. I have moved around a lot in my short life and all the changes have made it a little harder for me to trust and settle into a home. When I know you I am a super affectionate and quirky goofball. I absolutely love my walks, I love my tennis balls and I absolutely love a trip to the secure off-lead field.

I am currently living in kennels in Peterborough, I am such a good boy for the kennel staff and I get to enjoy visits from our founder Heather. When she takes me to vet appointments she lets me pick my own toy in the pet shop and then we get to play how fun is that!

All i need now is my FOREVER home, I would love a new owner that would come to visit me a few times first to help build up my trust. I have so much love to give and all i want is the same in return. I am still a young boy and I like to be active, I would love an owner who would enjoy long walks and adventures, followed by cuddles on the sofa 💜

The humans at Saints Sled Dog Rescue would love to hear from you if you can offer me my forever home!

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Charity: K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare

Little Sam is one of the tiniest teacups ever seen by K9 Crusaders, weighing in at 2kg. Clearly very much loved, but unwittingly neglected as a result of sad circumstances, our first priority was to attend to his basic needs and get him warm and comfortable.

We didn't really expect this frail and elderly little chap to wake up the next morning. Amazingly he did! The vet said if he was still alive the following week, they would do bloods. His eyes, ears and mouth were in a dreadful state, so we worked daily to make him more comfortable, cleaning and medicating. At his second vet visit, the only thing found was malnutrition.

Sam began to thrive in his foster home. You couldn't fault his survival instinct. Despite everything, Sam was very much alive! Fast forward an incredible six months. This determined little fella has stolen the hearts of his fosterers where he sleeps, eats, potters about, enjoys a car ride and has even grown a new silky coat of silver hair. He will spend the remainder of his days with his familiar humans, where he will continue enjoying life, receiving the best love and care possible.

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Charity: Wild Acre Rescue

Meet Tulip. This poor girl was handed in as a stray and unfortunately wasn’t microchipped. The emergency vets initially thought that she had a broken back leg as she could not put any weight on it.

A visit to see the specialist orthopaedic vet suggested X-rays and it was found that she had a severe luxating patella on her rear left leg. The X-rays also found her hips were floating and she had elbow dysplasia in both front legs. It was likely that the injuries had been caused by trauma to it and the rest of her problems were down to poor nutrition. This would most definitely be a case of neglect if we could find her owners.

Tulip underwent surgery on her leg and is now in recovery and at the moment making very good progress. She is in an experienced foster home where she is under 24/7 care and has been on crate rest. This beautiful girl is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. Tulip is only around 8 months old and has more than likely been in this pain for quite a while. There is a long road ahead but she has had a few physiotherapy sessions and is making great improvement.

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Charity: Chesterfield Animal Rescue

Penny came to us along with 10 other dogs when their owner died. She was heavily pregnant. She gave birth to one healthy puppy, her second pup had died in the womb and she needed a c-section to save her life. After she’d recovered and her puppy had been adopted, she had the surgery she needed on both ears due to the neglect she’d suffered for years. Penny is a wonderful girl and lives happily with another one of our adopted dogs in their forever home.

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Charity: Skylor's Animal Rescue

Khan is a 3 year old greyhound. He retired from racing in 2021 from Ireland. The Haven Rescue took him in as he was no longer wanted and placed in a foster home. He waited for a new home but had no luck.

He then came over to wales and our rescue. He was kennelled with 2 female greyhounds until they found their homes. 6 month later he’s still waiting. He’s sadly been overlooked. He loves other dogs and has been around smaller terriers as well as greyhounds. He’s very friendly and good with children of 8 years and over. Good on lead. He just needs a loving home and a sofa to call his own.

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