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Harley's Hounds Animal Rescue
Age: Mid teens
Breed: Yorkie
In long-term foster

Callie is in her teens, and came to us after her owner passed away and the family could no longer care for her. While the family had done their best, she hadn't been well cared for by her owner. She came to us with lots of lumps and bumps, rotten teeth, cataracts, and heart failure.

Due to her heart condition, she is too frail to undergo any sedation. However, she is getting the best vet care possible and her heart medication has done wonders for her quality of life. Her medical care will be fully covered by the rescue for the rest of her life, so she will always have access to the treatments and medications she needs.
She is now living out her days as a much loved and very pampered pet in a forever foster home with three new doggy siblings who all adore her.
While her eyesight and hearing are significantly impaired, it doesn't stop her from enjoying walks with the other dogs from the comfort of her bag, nor from finding her way into the treat cupboard or onto a warm lap!

She will be warm, safe, and so very loved for the rest of her life.

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Soul Mutts Dog Rescue
Age: approx. 3 years
Breed: Cross breed
Status: Currently in foster

Tessa was found on the streets of Romania whilst trying to nurse her 4 puppies which we also rehomed.

Tessa is almost 3 years old and found her forever home with her lovely adopter Susan back in May. Understandably she was very nervous and shy. Life on the streets of Romania is hard for a dog, never mind a dog trying to raise pups.

When she arrived in the UK, Susan took baby steps with her to enable Tessa to not only learn how to live in a house and trust people again, but also to relax, be happy and gain confidence. Now 6 months later we can clearly see the difference in Tessa.

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Save The Dogz
Age: 5 years
Breed: German Shepherd
Status: Currently in foster

Meet Charley. He was 1 of 18 dogs we helped save from a horrific living situation. When we found him he was chained with a 7kg chain around his neck which had been there for a long time (years). He looked shut down and broken as well as being emaciated with worn down teeth from trying to chew through his chain!

We got him into foster but his recovery was slow and Charley had a lot of understandable issues. At first he did not like to be touched at all, especially his neck but with time and patience he started to trust us. We found he had a love for balls and would happily chase one all day. After months at the foster we had to find him a home and although he had come on so much he still had worries about being touched suddenly and very wary in his neck area. But we found him a home in Scotland where the owner respects what he has been through and allows him to take his time. He is happy, safe and can live his life without fear or pain. Dogs like Charley need our help and every penny donated allows us to do this.

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Little Angels Rescue BG
Status: Successfully adopted

Minnie arrived after a phone call from a friend who told me there was a dog with a broken back lying in the road in a neighbouring village. I set off fearing the worst but found instead this tiny little dog dragging herself around. I stopped the car and was greeted by a big grin from the little dog. It was love at first sight.

After asking around she was not a stray but an owned dog. They had had the mother of Minnie who produced 3 puppies. Sadly as they all lived outside. Minnie was run over and sadder still was never taken to a vet. She lived mostly underneath a rusty stationary car and had done for the 2 years previous to when I found her.

Amazingly I had a vet friend from the UK staying so she had an expert examination and I had a wonderful teacher who explained what to do with a paralysed dog. Firstly I was shown how to empty Minnie’s bladder then ordered a set of made to measure Eddie’s wheels.

Once her wheels arrived there was no stopping her and she came on pack walks. She has also travelled to most of Europe, the UK and Canada. She is the most courageous little being and flies the flag for Bulgarian rescues.

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Dogs Walk This Way Rescue
Age: approx. 7 years
Breed: German Shepherd mix
Successfully adopted

Sophie was found living on a building site near Bucharest suffering from mange and malnutrition. After some years in a Romanian shelter, she was transported to the UK by DWTWR in September 2021. Following socialisation, proper food, care, and love by dedicated volunteers Sophie was rehomed and is enjoying her new life in Woking, Surrey.

Despite her upbringing Sophie absolutely adores people, enjoys recall games, rolling on the grass and a good cuddle on the sofa. She is the perfect loving companion.

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