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Toffee's early days mirrored those of countless other puppies in Egypt—chosen for her appearance, yet left neglected in a garden. Two years of isolation took a toll, manifesting in two types of mange and an autoimmune disease tied to her heat cycles. Her skin deteriorated, causing unimaginable pain, but her owners did nothing until she was on the brink of death.

A compassionate shelter owner intervened, shocked by Toffee's dire condition. After collapsing, Toffee fought for her life for two agonizing years. Sheltered in the owner's basement during her weakest moments, she battled infections and recurrent wounds. Post-spay, her condition improved, allowing her to eventually join the shelter's canine community.

Despite her Golden Retriever charm, Toffee's facial scars deemed her "not pretty enough" for adoption. Six years passed, marked by hopelessness until a woman from the UK inquired about elderly or disabled Golden Retrievers. The shelter owner hesitated, citing Toffee's oily skin and age. Undeterred, the woman wanted to know more.

And so, plans unfolded for Toffee's journey to the UK, where she could finally be cherished. The woman, captivated by Toffee's inner beauty, fell in love upon their first meeting. Toffee's past hardships now drive her new mum's determination to make each day count, offering the life Toffee deserved from the start.


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Charity: Friends of Akitas Trust
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Our Peggy came to us as she had been seized from a house where there were a large number of Akitas, we gave her a safe space along with 3 of the other dogs, Lottie, Albie and Kylah.

Peggy and Lottie were very much a bonded pair, they were extremely shut down, unsocialised and shy when it came to people, it was heart-breaking and they clung to each other for comfort.

What we didn’t know at the time was that our dear Peggy was hiding a little secret, although bonded with daughter Lottie she was also carrying a litter of puppies.

Soon after the litter were discovered, Peggy moved into a foster home to settle in ready for the birth. She had 5 beautiful, healthy puppies and they all thrived in their foster home. When Peggy had finished her motherly duties she soon caught the eye of an adopter and moved on to her furever home. The pups moved into their new homes soon after.

Peggy has been living her best life since landing on her paws with her new family. She settled in straight away and she is now happy and confident and of course doesn’t want for anything.


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Charity: Spaniel Aid UK
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Hello, my name is Quality and I'm nearly five. I was found wandering about with nothing to say who I was or who might want me.

When my lovely foster Mum took me in she noticed I limped, and when I went to the vetty people for my anti-puppy op they found my insides were all stuck together and my back leg had been broken lots of times. It doesn't bend now. I have bad hips too.

The people at Spaniel Aid say they will make sure I am looked after, and mended as best as I can be. They'll make sure I have everything I need.
Lots of love from Quality

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